My core belief is that women are powerful when they believe in themselves and each other. Marriage, divorce, employment changes, mid life change, and many other life events may cause us to lose our focus and lose our way. It is in those times that we need a coach to help us get back on track, creating a new road forward. I combine years of educational and personal experience to create the best coaching plan to get you unstuck and moving forward stronger and more focused than ever before!

Do I need a coach?

I get it; sometime we hit a chapter of life that has us thinking “What’s Next?!” or “What Now?!” The value of having a private coach who can provide clarity, prioritization, accountability, professional advice and direction can be a game changer. Together, we can get you refocused, speeding up the process from where you are to where you want to be. I have the personal experience as well as the professional training and certification to help you achieve your potential. You deserve the opportunity to obtain what’s possible, and I’m here to coach you to it!

Are you ready to move forward ?

Tea (or coffee or water or whatever!) with the #tutulady is a 30-minute, high value, informative, intensive coaching session that ends with ideas, clarity, and action steps.
Tea with the #tutulady is your opportunity to pick my brain on any topic related to business, personal, or professional development. You will receive 30 minutes of insightful, honest, valuable feedback and advice.
This is Free of Charge!
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Divorce and Moving Forward – Divorce is a process! I’ve been there. I divorced after over 20 years of marriage and became a single mom of 5 children who, at the time, ranged in age from 28-11 years old. I am here to guide you through the practical, financial, and legal challenges of divorce, as well as the process of moving forward.
I am passionate about helping you avoid common (and not so common) pitfalls of the divorce process, as well as helping you successfully move forward after the divorce is finalized.

4 Weeks To Fabulous! – This 4-week coaching group coaching program that will provide you with actionable tips, tools and strategies required to help you live an empowered life of passion, purpose and potential using.

Kristine is simply an undercover angel  in a tutu! She hides her wings, but spreads the magic to anyone who she can reach.

— Renanta Remekis

You always seem to speak directly to me. What I need to hear when I need to hear it. With you there is no feeling bad for yourself, everything happens for a reason and then you move forward.

— Marikay O’Brien