Kristine Binder AKA #tutulady is constantly moving forward, inspiring and empowering others, leaving a little sparkle along the way!

She is an encouraging, motivational coach and cheerleader, helping you reach your goals and dreams.

You can always find her in her tutu, challenging others to relentlessly pursue their immeasurable potential.  

Look forward/Move forward/Sparkle!

“Women are powerful when we believe in ourselves and each other. We are unstoppable when we channel our energy towards a positive purpose.”
Kristine Binder
The Lemonade Stand

You are my morning ritual, get my coffee, take my meds, let the dogs out and read your inspirational words of the day. You always seem to speak directly to me. What I need to hear when I need to hear it. With you there is no feeling bad for yourself, everything happens for a reason and then you move forward. “Forward is a pace” is what I remember when you first started talking about running. I think you said you might not be the fastest runner but you kept moving forward, mile after mile. No matter what is thrown my way, I know I can go through it, when in it it’s overwhelming, but I know that I will come out on the other side and look back and say ” Wow, that was hard.” My main way of thinking is always be the woman who straightens the other woman’s crown. I have always lived to lift other women up and know that you do this to. I don’t think you know how important you are to so many people, but now, with this format, you certainly will! XOXOXO


Kristine is simply an undercover angel 😇 in a tutu! She hides her wings, but spreads the magic to anyone who she can reach. I recently had the pleasure listening to a motivational message from Kristine in person, while living in a recovery home in Joliet. She came a long way to spend this time with us & made every word sooo inspirational. The term “Empowering Women” and sharing her personal life story, brought many of to tears of joy, as she spread of the word of hope, strength and empowering each other! Counting the minutes until I can hear her “ words of wisdom” again! 

Renata Remeikis