Forever Young

“Having a child is like pouring Miracle-Gro on your character defects.” Anne Lamott

This morning’s run was a short pleasant run with my puppy. She does not get out with me much, especially in the summer as it is too hot and my miles long. She gets angry when I fail to take her along. Her sheer joy as she is leashed up and heading out the door with me is a sight that would make anyone smile! She is a great running buddy!

On my run this morning I thought about….. Kids…..they are a blessing and a curse! They do bring out the best and worst in me! I love my kids…don’t get me wrong…but there are times they make me nuts! There are times I go to the bathroom and lock the door just to be alone for 2 seconds. There are times my patience is way to short and I allow my temper to flare. Many would like us to believe that mothering is all sunshine and roses. That may be true for others but…well ….for me that is not the case! The summer brings out the best and worst…in all of us here in my house! The fighting, arguing, tattling, teasing, yelling and screaming all begin to wear me down. However there are moments of pure joy. There are gut busting, tear inducing laughs that feel so good!

The summer allows the kids to get bored and then find things to do…not always good things…but hey, that is part of the fun! The summer allows kids time to do things we don’t have time for during the school year. The summer allows us to slow down and enjoy each other… allows me to get reacquainted with my kids!

There are moments of sheer joy in the summer….
-My daughter painting my toenails yellow.
-Long discussions with my 12 year old over Edward vs. Jacob (Twilight Saga)
-My older daughter putting together a playlist for me to discover new music. (Who knew I liked Jay-Z or the new Eminem?!)
-Listening to my son’s stories of camp.
-Teaching the kids to play backgammon.
-Mancala tournaments.
-Time to enjoy a drink with my husband and talk about more than just the kids.

I wish that they could stay forever young (to quote Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson) but I know that is not possible…so for now I will enjoy every fight, argument, and gut busting laugh… is all good!

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