When the going gets tough….

Last week marked the half way point in my training program. Now is when the going gets tough.

The miles ramp up and the reality that the marathon is only but a few short weeks away sets in. This is the time that the training program tests you. This is the time that you need to really focus on the end result. This is the time when the nagging doubt sets in. This is the time that things get tough.

This training season has been very different for me. I am training with a group on the weekends and am learning about my pace and enjoying the company of other runners. I am doing more cross training and walking on days off. I am doing more runs on the treadmill to work on speed and pace. I am more aware of my eating habits and food intake…what works and what doesn’t. I feel slower but stronger than last year.

Last week was tough. I did not want to run. It was no fun. It was sheer work. It was torture some days to get through the miles. I had to keep my eyes on the prize so to speak. I got through each mile but they were not pleasant nor meaningful…..or so I thought!

I did some reflecting on those tough miles last week and realized that I had felt the same way during other parts of my life for example the last month of pregnancy as well as miles 20-24 of last years marathon. Miserable…no end in sight….no way out. Quitting not an option.

These are the times that test you. Test your fortitude. Test your strength both mental and physical. Test your heart and soul.

When the going gets tough…….I run.

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