My dad…he is big man with a larger than life presence. He is set in his ways and does not like change..too much. I am so much like him. I never really thought about it much but we are so much alike.

I know Father’s Day is about honoring dad and giving him gifts….but I thought about the many gifts he has given me…some better than others!

*A love and appreciation for great jazz music. I grew up thinking Dick Buckly was a family friend and looking forward to Sunday afternoons of sports and good music with my dad.
*An appreciation for classical music.
*A love of sports…Bears Football to be exact. Fall and Winter Sunday afternoons were spent listening to the sounds of jazz and curse words!
*A palate that knows good wine and Great Bar-B-Que. Nothing compares to my dad’s ribs! No one other than my daughter is privy to his grilling secrets.
*the love of a good book. There is nothing like a comfy chair and a good book. No e-reader compares to the weight of a good book in your hands.
*coffee is the only way to start a day.
*gadgets…new technology is always fun!
*Photos – pictures are worth so much and having a good eye is a gift. Taking good photos takes time and effort…but the payoff is priceless.
*a love of the water and mountains. I love to be near or on the water or mountains. Growing up water skiing, snow skiing and boating created a love affair with nature.
*Family. It is not always pretty or fun but family is important. Being close to family is essential.
*The garden. My dad has a green thumb with the smallest of trees…bonsai. The craft of these trees allows people to see another, more gentle side of him. Allowing things to grow the way they wish yet supporting and guiding them along the way is an art.

There are so many other things I have learned from…or in spite of…my dad. He is one amazing guy and I am thankful every day (some days more than others) that he is there for my family.

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