Change. We all fear it at some point in our lives. Change, while it can bring wonderful results, is also scary. I have always been fearful of change, fearful of the unknown. Change requires risk and trust. Over time I have realized that change is not to be feared but welcomed. I realized that I take a risk with every decision I make for my family and for myself. Life is full of uncertainties and I am never certain I am doing the right thing. I take a risk each morning when I get out of bed. Each day is a blank canvas. Each day is a new opportunity to do something different. Only when we open our hearts and minds, allowing ourselves to trust, do we see the miracles that surround us. Miracles that surprise us, inspire us, change us. Moments that fill us with awe and wonder. Moments that remind us of God’s presence among us.

This year…ok…for TODAY…alter your attitude. Change the way you think about something. Change the way you view something. See how your attitude about it changes. Peace.

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