The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ok, so  I may not be Eastwood…. but this week I got all three…the good, the bad and the ugly…in my runs. Not every runs can be a great one. Not every run is horrible. We need balance. Well, if that is the case I should be level!

On Wednesday I had a great run. 10 miles of simply effortless running. I set out to run 5 miles. The day was glorious and I was feeling great so I just kept adding to the run. Before long I realized that I should probably head home and when I looked I had run 10 miles at a pretty good pace too.
On Saturday I was planning to run another 10 miles but got a late start and literally ran out of time to run the last 2 miles before having to take my daughter to work. It was not a great run as I felt rushed and out of sorts. I was kicking myself for not starting sooner so that I could get those extra miles in. It was not all bad but not all good either. I was tired but started strong. As the time ticked away I realized that I would not make my distance goal but would have to settle for something a bit less thus never really getting deep into the run.

Sunday…well that was the ugly. An ugly run that never really went anywhere other than 6 miles. I could not head to my favorite trail nor run my 6 mile loop. My phone went for a swim and I don’t like to run far without it. So while the phone got a rice massage and sauna, I ran 3 by myself and was feeling really good. I looped back home to get the dog and do another 3…well…that was when the ugly really kicked in (fishing my phone from its swim started the day off all wrong). The pooch and I ran intervals….not by my choosing…hers! We chased after squirrels…I lost count after the 15th….for 3 miles. She would take off after a squirrel thinking her her doggie mind that she could catch the thing and even tried a few times to head up a tree after a few. It was comical to say the least. I have to laugh or I will cry…not only about the run but about my phone. I never really got into that run and the intervals …well they through my body for a loop! 

Not every run can be great. Not every run can be effortless. I look forward to those great runs. They come when I least expect it most times. The bad and ugly runs…well those are more common. They remind me of the good runs. They make me appreciate all that is good in life. It is when I have to alter my attitude from “I ran….” to “I was able to run…” that I see each run for what it is …an opportunity to learn something.

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