Tutu spirit

I have come to a place in my life and my running that speed is no longer an issue. I have accepted my turtle status with gratitude and grace. Running, to me, is about so much more than the time on the clock. My training runs are my work. They provide me with the tools necessary for race day. The provide a solid foundation from which I can build a better, stronger body. Race days are a different story….they are my play!
The whole process of racing from choosing the race to who is running with me to the weather are fun for me. It is sheer play. I used to line up all serious about getting a PR or beating the person next to me….now racing is about so much more. I enjoy the whole experience. I try to find a costume that fits the theme of the race and wear it to the delight of other runners. My goal? Make them smile! I watch other runner’s as I move through the course, commenting on shirts or giving advice to less experienced runners that seem to be having trouble. Oh…and I play! I sing out loud, I dance, I run and have fun! Oh and don’t forget the bling! I love to run for bling!
This attitude adjustment has come from my Girls on the Run. Running is fun for them. They love to run and beg to get out and see what they can accomplish. For them there is nothing too difficult, no pace to fast or too slow….they are all about fun! The sheer joy expressed feeds my soul. They encourage one another, assist one another and keep each other smiling. This is what running is supposed to be…at least to me.
I ran my first race in a tutu last weekend and the feelings were I had while running were amazing. I felt like a powerful princess. My goal is to give back to my girls what they give me. They give me the gift of play as well as so many other gifts. I want to give them the gift of feeling like that powerful princess. Therefore, We began something a few weeks ago called the tutu spirit award. Each time we meet the girl that exhibits the most of what GOTR stands for gets to wear the tutu as we run. Some of what we look for are:


It is in this spirit that I choose to live my life. I may not have a visible tutu every day but the spirit is there. Tutu spirit lives in my heart to be shared every day. Peace.

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