As moms we worry. We worry about so many things but mostly we worry about our kids. We worry that we are good enough and that we won’t mess the up to much …. We don’t want them to attend to many years of therapy!

We live much of our “mom life” in what seems to be a vacuum. We don’t want to appear less than any other mom. We want others to think we live a bucolic life devoid of problems. We have a hard time allowing anyone into our world … allowing anyone behind the “shower curtain” that is our life.

It is in this need for acceptance that we find ourselves alone. However if we opened up to one another…accepted more and judged less…we would find that many of us have so much in common. We are all longing to be a ‘good mom’. We want our kids to like us and respect us. We hate to discipline our kids…often it is harder on us than on them. We want a better life for our children. And we want our children to be happy and successful.

It is time that we opened up a bit. It is time that we allow others to see the imperfection that is our life. It is time that we help each other and lift each other up. We all want the same things but need the help of one another to achieve greatness. Peace.

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