I hate to iron. Really hate it. I don’t hate many things but I hate to iron. I not only hate it but I am not good at it either.  I buy things they do not need ironing.

When I do iron, it is a special occasion. When my kids see me take out the ironing board, they ask, “what’s the special occasion, Mom?” Not only is it a special occasion the ironing is usually is for a special occasion. When I do iron it is so stressful for me. However in that stress I find peace. The things I do iron are special to my family. I iron tablecloths for family dinners. I iron baptism dresses. I iron communion dresses. I iron the important things.

Tonight I ironed a graduation dress. 14 will wear it tomorrow for the first time for May Crowning. She will get dressed, put on her heels, pin on her class ribbons and process into church. In a few weeks I will iron the dress again. She will again put on the dress and process into church. This time wearing her cap along with the gown and collecting her diploma.

As I ironed her gown and pressed out the creases, I thought about the creases of her life. The distance she has traveled and the obstacles she has overcome. The bumps in her life that she has smoothed out. She is a sensitive soul with a heart of gold. She has become a beautiful, wonderful young woman. I thought as I ironed that there were some creases I just could not press. Creases that would not lay flat. I know her life will be that way. There will be creases that will be more difficult to press. She will need to find a way. I will help. I will help iron out the important things. She will iron out the every day issues. Soon she will be able to do all her own ironing. I will be here in case she needs help but she will want and need to do things herself.

Perhaps that is why I dislike ironing so much….the fact that the things I iron for those I love will be outgrown or go out of style… me.

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