So each season when training begins I am asked  millions product questions by newer runners or new marathon runners. There are thousands of different products because we are all different. I tell my newbies that these are the products I like but they may find something that works better for them.  so here is the list and some reasons I love these products.
(Disclaimer:I was not paid for this post nor received any of these products as payment)


Athleta Presto Short. I just started running in these and adore them. I have a huge issue with chub rub and need a short that is a little longer and I like the compression but they don’t cut off the circulation to my feet! There is a small back zip pocket (for keys, etc) and a larger (large enough for an iPhone) pocket on the side of the leg. this is a perfect get pocket as well. The drawstring (yes, there is a drawstring!) is not 2 pieces…it is one so it never gets lost when washed.

C9 Long and Lean running tanks from Target. I have these in every color and adore them. They fit well and are long enough for my long body. They are also not so expensive that you cant have them in every color of the rainbow. I use iron on designs and logos on these tanks for the marathon  and have never had a problem with the tech fibers.

North Face Krakatoa Jacket is the best!  It keeps me warm and dry buy is not too heavy and it beathes so well. I received this as a gift from a friend for my birthday. I never would have bought it for myself but now that I own it…I love it! I recommend it for all runners in all climates plus the bright color helps me feel safer on runs alone.

Bondi bands keep sweat out of my eyes. I have about 20 of these each with a different funny saying. They dry very quickly and don’t smell. They are the only headband that is not so tight I get a migraine after 5 minutes of wear.

Nike Dri Fit socks I like the arch support and the fact that these socks keep my feet relatively blister free.

HeadSweats Hats I have a white Girls on the Run hat made by Headsweats that keeps my sweaty head cool and the summer sun out of my eyes. It is machine washable as well…another bonus!

I am an Asics girls and wear the Asics GEL Kayano 18 but have worn other brands as well. I recommend that all runners get fitted at a running store frequently. There are different shoes for different runners and distances. Each shoe is as unique as the runner. Professionals at a running store can help you choose the right shoe.

Amphipod RunLite Hydration belts are my go to for hydration. I like that there are many accessories I can add/remove from belt. i can vary the amount and size of the bottles depending on the weather and distance I am running. It is fully adjustable, as are the accessories.

Garmin ForeRunner 205 keeps my distance and pace like a champ. It is big and clunky but it does the job better than anything I have ever used. I can upload information to the computer and as well as a few different training websites. It has many different features…some I still have yet to discover!

Body Glide helps with all the unspeakable places I chafe. I wish there was a walk through machine to apply glide but for now…the stick will have to do and save me from pain.

Aquaphor soothes the places that I missed with glide. It is also great for chapped hands and feet.

AccelGel and Accelerade are my go-to for gel and hydration during long runs. AccelGel  and Accelerade are the only products with the patented 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein. AccelGel is the only gel that does not upset my stomach and is not toothpaste thick. There are a variety of flavors and all are tasty but orange is my favorite.

Sport Beans are a wonderful  small burst of flavor and energy while on the run. I prefer the orange.

Clif Shot Bloks are again a small gummy like burst of flavor and energy. I have found that I run better with small does of energy dispersed throughout the run. ShotBloks come with or without caffeine but black cherry is my favorite.

Chocolate milk  Studies have shown that this is the perfect recovery drink. I will go with science on this one. So good and good for you! Enough said!

Chiobani Greek Yogurt and BareNaked Granola are my go to breakfast foods. Vanilla Chiobani with berry BareNaked and dried cherries or fresh fruit or Black Cherry Chiobani is a great way to start the day. For dessert I like the Vanilla Chiobani with bananas and a squirt of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Sooo yummy!

Peanut butter and bananas …just so good!

Coffee…either Goshen (if i make it myself at home)or Dunkin Donuts (if I buy it after a run). this mother runner runs on COFFEE!

The Stick is wicked painful but it is a good pain. I need a good roll out after a long run and the foam roller just does not seem to get deep enough into my muscles. Make all the jokes you want about this thing and its name….I love it and can’t live without it. The whole family uses it and the kids love to ‘roll’ mom…inflicting pain on ol’ mom is a treat!

Actic Ease ice wraps keep my knee pain and flare ups in check. I get cold and compression in a small portable affordable package. Perfect!

REST. It flies in the face of what we think is good for us but our bodies need rest. Not every single day but at least one day a week allow your body to rest.

Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide ok…not only is Hal a pal but I am quoted in this book multiple times!  Hal is the marathon guru. Millions follow his training plans for a variety of reasons…mostly because they are doable for all.

Run like a Mother, the book, and Another Mother Runner, the blog. Both of these sources keep me motivated and informed.

Girls on the Run I love this program and all that it stands for. The girls that I work with each season are a constant source of energy and inspiration for me. I run with tutu spirit every day.

Alexander Leigh Center for Autism was started by a dear friend as a safe place for her daughter. It is a safe place for many families and an educational haven for many children. I do what can to raise awareness and funds for this school.

I know that there are so many more things that I use and enjoy but these are some of the things that I can not live without every day! What are your favorite things? What things can you not live without?

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