Summer in this family is carefree and relaxed. Perhaps it is lack of money or lack of ambitious planning but we take summer easy here. When the kids were younger, they would go to day camp but as they have grown older, they are not interested.
There are some families that meticulously plan every minute of summer break…wanting to ‘make the most of it’ but I find that allowing my family to be a bit more ‘free range’ provides for good times and memories as well.

Sidewalk art by my ‘bored’ girls

There are always kids in the house and someone to hang out with. While my kids may say they are bored, I don’t listen too much. I just encourage them to find something to do. They always find an activity, a book, something to occupy their time. I think it is good for them to be bored once in a while…ok, more than once in a while. The things they come up with amaze me.
I also take a more relaxed attitude in the summer. I ask them to complete a few chores and give them the time and space to ‘get ‘er done’. Don’t get me wrong….if chores are not done in a timely manner…there is proverbial Hell to pay (and extra chores in the future!) but the school drill sergeant is on summer vacation.

Occupy the living room

My house becomes a flop house. I never know how many kids I will find sleeping in my house when I wake up in the morning nor do I know where I will find them all sleeping. Mattresses are moved to the floor, blankets thrown over couches, and an occasional tent city erected. It really doesn’t bother me as long as they clean it up in the morning…which they usually do.
Many of my kids’ friends have rigid schedules of tutors, trainers, camps and practices. There is little time to relax and be bored. There is little time to enjoy friends and …summer.   I wonder what these kids will look back and remember about summer. I wonder if they catch fireflies in a jar and just watch them for hours on end like my kids do. I wonder if they even have time to wonder….
I am not sure what my kids will remember about their summers. I hope they remember time with family, time to soak in all that is good about summer and time to wonder. Peace.

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