If I only ran fast enough for sweat to
fly off my head like that!

Yup…sucktastic is a word!  I say so!  Today’s run was sucktastic and I now feel sucktastic.

Not every run can be a great one…or a good one for that matter but today’s run was none of that. It didn’t even come close to an ok run. It was sucktastic. Every footplant felt as if I was stepping in mud and getting stuck. Moving my body forward was no easy task. Everything took effort. By mile 6 my back between my shoulder blades was aching and I was having trouble getting a deep breath. I slowed and did a run walk but was still struggling. It was Africa hot and the humidity I could cut with a knife. I can’t remember ever sweating that much during a run…. well… other than last weekend’s half!  Somehow today was worse. If my Garmin did not tell me that I was running the miles, I would have thought I was standing still because that is what it felt like to me.

So here I sit, run done, body showered, trying to cool down. Today I learned that I need to hydrate more in advance and that I am not a fan of humidity. Not every run can be great or even good. Today was sucktastic. Peace.

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