This last few days I have had a few minutes (during my runs) to reflect on time. Last week we were away for a stay at my parents home and being away from the day to day tasks was good for me. I stepped back and allowed myself to be in the moment. I got to watch my son skip rocks (and he is pretty good at it!), teach him to swim a bit better and watch him make friends…something he does effortlessly.

I got to observe 12 and 13 really play and laugh…something they don’t often have the time nor freedom to do….time for the really good belly laughs that are music to a mom’s ears.

I watched 16 and her BFF relax and just be with one another for endless conversations about everything under the sun.

Coming home I tired to hold on to a little of that ‘in the moment’ mentality. It often gets lost in the clutter of home and I need reminders to dig it back out again. So yesterday my son and I went to the trail for a run/ride.  It is something he and I like to do together and have not done in a while. He rode his bike while I ran behind carrying the water. We got to a point on the trail where there in a strong dip into a ravine…a good down and up hill climb. What a blast for a kid on a bike but a real workout for Momma. Hill repeats are not my thing (read: I HATE them!!) but I went up and down 3 times before quitting and watching him glide on the downhill and struggle with the up a few more times. It was nice to just watch him be a kid, working the uphill  …. laughing as he flew down without a care in the world. I thought of how much that was a metaphor for life. We struggle with the uphills of life and glide through the downhills….we forget that the downhills are fun and we should enjoy them before arriving at the next uphill.

We finished our 5 miles and headed home. Our time together was over and it was time to get on with the tasks of the day. Back to the schedule for both of us. This is one of the many reasons I love summer.  Summer allows me to be ‘in the moment’.  Summer gives me back my kids. Summer gives me back what I lose during the school year…time. Peace.

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