If you didn’t see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears, don’t think it with your small mind and spread it with your big mouth
– Unknown

Gossiping about another person only shows your jealousy, ignorance and insensitivity. Gossip is so hurtful and painful not only to the person being gossiped about but to the person who is gossiping.

Two of my daughters came in to my room last night to confirm/deny something they heard about a friend of ours. It upset them that girls were talking about this person and they did not want to believe what was said. We had a long talk about truth and rumors and gossip. It was an interesting discussion that made me not only happy that my girls confide in me but also sad. Sad that they have to deal with issues like this and sad that people feel the need to say nasty things about others.

The girls told me they felt the need to defend the honor of the person being gossiped about and that made me proud but they also said felt they didn’t really know what to say to make it right. I wish I could tell them the right thing to say. many adults, including me, don’t always know nor do the right thing.

I guess the bottom line is that if it not going to build someone up or make life better, then don’t say it. It is a difficult lesson that many kids and adults need to internalize. Peace.

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