An odd number. To some an unlucky number. To a 12 year old to is the beginning of the teen years. To me is is a new beginning. It is the beginning of a new stage in life as my “little girl” turned 13 today. She is the last of my girls to enter then teens. Now I have 3 teens girls in my house. I still have my little man but the girls are different. I have seen the relationships between my girls grow stinger as they age but with this new age dawning for the last one…she is now “official”. She is now an “equal” as she is now a teen.

I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. I see it all in my mind as if watching a favorite movie over and over. I was teaching when I went into labor. I was not ready and not sure what was happening. My other 2 were either induced or had water break. This was new. My husband was at home with one little one and the older one was at school. Soon we were all on the way to meet a new family member.

13 would not wait. My labor was short and easy (as easy as labor can be). She came into the world with her dad watching intently. He swore she was his long awaited boy. No such luck. She was a pretty pink princess…queen I should say. She would be spoiled as the youngest for many a day. Hence her nickname that still holds true…Queenie.

She is a fighter. She is determined and dedicated. She is the best friend and sister anyone could ask for. She is loyal as the day is long but don’t cross her. She won’t soon forget when someone does her wrong. She loves peanut butter and Law and Order. She loves music and Pandora. She loves Narwalls and making people laugh. She has a sense of humor that can make even the sourest person laugh. She is unique and sensitive. She won’t ever let you know outright that you hurt her but there is no denying the look on her face. She loves basketball and the Bulls. She is determined to understand football this season to better understand her dad. She loves to do hair and creates new hairstyles on a a daily basis. She is the queen of my heart.

13 … to some it is unlucky. To me, it is my lucky number. I am the one who got the best gift today. I got to enter new territory new with my Queenie and her sisters. I am gifted. I am blessed. Peace.

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