Today I am grateful for Girls on the Run. I am grateful to Molly Barker for starting this program. I am grateful for my girls in program each season and my coaches. 

GOTR is a blessing in my life for my reasons. I love that  this program Allows girls to focus on the important things such as how amazing and powerful they are even at a young age. This programs allows girls to feel the power of accomplishing something they thought was impossible at the start. Girls learn that life is tough but they are tougher and stronger than even the biggest challenge. I love that I get more from these girls than I can ever give back. I learn more about them and me each time we are together. I am a better mom, coach, teacher and woman thanks to GOTR.  I am forever changed thanks to GOTR. Girls on the Run is so much FUN! What are we? FANTASTIC! Who are we? ROCKSTARS AND SUPERSTARS! SPARKLEFINGERS!

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