The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

Ah February…the month of hearts and flowers and love. Actually it is one day that is filled with all the hearts and flowers. We wait and prepare for the ‘big day’ …Valentine’s Day. Women have high hopes for romance and men have high hoops to jump through and are stressed to plan the ‘perfect’ day/evening. Kids look forward to the exchange of cards at school…making the ‘mailbox’ and hoping to get a favorite card from a friend. Oh what expectations we put on one day.

What we forget is that it is about the expression of love. Valentine’s Day is about letting others know we care. Why do we wait for one day? Why is it about the grand romantic gesture? 

Thus I have challenged myself to express my affection this month…or at least for the first 14 days of the month. Each day this month I plan not only to SHOW the people I love how and why I love them but also to tell them why I love them. People we care about the most are often the last ones to hear our kinds words and be the recipients of our kind deeds. We get so caught up in the minutia that we forget all that is good or fail to express our love. I am so guilty of this. As a  mother I think about the reasons I love my  kids throughout the day but forget to verbalize my thoughts. I am often too focus on the chores undone, bills unpaid, clothing unfolded, etc…

This morning I sent each of my older girls a text with just one reason I loved them. I left my kids at home a note that said “I love you because…” and a Hershey kiss. It is my goal for the next 14 days to express my love, affection, gratitude, and appreciation to those who are important to me. I am not saving up for one day. So….I challenge you to join me and….express yourself!


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