So today I took off for a short run just to get in the miles. It was warm and I was not in the mood. I needed to get in my weekly miles now that training season has begun so I filled up a water bottle, laced up my shoes and headed out the door.

I started slow and my pace was way off. I knew I had to pick it up or head home. So I chose to pick it up. Heck… It was only 3 miles! I ran my usual route and before I knew it, I was into my happy pace.

At mile 2 I was heading down the street and saw I man I see often. I have written about him before. He was heading west and I was heading south. I called out, “hey..there’s my hero!”

He turned, looked at me and smiled wide, “Hey, young lady!”

“I am so sorry. I see you all the time and have even talked to you at Happy Foods before but I don’t know your name.”

“Kenny” he answered.

“Kenny, I see you all the time and think that if you are out doing your thing here I can do what I have to do too.”

“Listen, you snooze…you lose. And I am no loser. I am not losing my ability to walk or my life.”

“Hey, forward is a pace is my motto.”

“You got dat right, young lady. What is your name?” he responded his best Chicago accent.

“Kristine,” I responded.

“Nice to meet you, Kristine but I may still call you young lady!!.”

We chatted a bit more before we were off in our different directions. What you have to understand is that Kenny is a ’50 something’ that had a stroke a few years ago and was told he would not walk again. He is paralyzed no one side of his body and walks with a limp and a cane. I see him walking all over the neighborhood. He told me he tries to walk for at least an hour a day just so he retains the ability to move. He is my hero and inspiration.

I am honored and blessed with angels in my life. Angels that are constant reminders of the good things, the many blessings, in my life. Kenny is one of those Angels. Forward is a pace. Peace.


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