While waiting for my order at the bakery this morning, woman came in. She looked so sad. After a minute I asked “Are you ok?”
“Really? No. I came to get myself a treat before work.”
“I’m sorry.” I really didn’t know what else to say. 
She then just started to tell me about her life. Tears welled up in eyes and spilled out down her cheeks. We stood in the middle of the bakery as she told me her husband passed and she needed to find a job. She did and she hated it. Her boss was an abusive 20 something the swore at her but she could not say anything and she could not quit. She felt alone and sad. She needed the job and money. She was terrified to lose her home.
My number was called and my order ready. The woman thanked me, wiping away her tears, telling me I was the first person who had said something kind to her in over a week. She then turned and walked out of the bakery. My heart broke for her and her situation. She just needed someone to be kind to her.
How often do we let our fear get in the way of our kindness? Today I stepped in front of fear.

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