A funny thing happens when the fog starts to lift. Things start to take shape and vision becomes clearer. The accidents and tragedies caused by the heavy fog can be removed  and cleaned up. The damage caused in the wake of the storm can be assessed more clearly and plans made recovery.  Life can move forward.
I have been asked to write about the events of my life by many but I am not quite ready to do that. I am, by nature, a positive person. Until I can put a more positive spin on all that has happened to my family and to me, I am going to hold off writing about it at all. I am going to keep writing about me and my journey forward.
As the fog lifts and I realize that I deserve better, I am becoming unstoppable. I am becoming a force to be reckoned with. I am entering my 50th year with a brand new sense of self that will serve me well, I think, in the next 1/2 of my life. I look in the mirror and really like who I see starting back at me. A few months ago I would not have recognized her….but now I see her. I see the strong, capable, survivor that is now unstoppable.

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