Today after my workout I went in the sauna. While in there, a lady was speaking loudly on the phone. I wasn’t paying much attention to her, but to the to young girls siting near me. 
“I wish that polack would shut up!” One whispers to the other. 
“Right?! Stupid foreigners!…”whispers the other. 
I open my eyes, tune in and start to say something to the girls but instead ask the woman politely in my broken LITHUANIAN (yes she was not even Polish but Lithuanian…. she was talking to a child I think) to take her conversation out of the sauna. 
She looked at me with amazement and embarrassment, apologized and stepped outside the sauna. 
After she walked out, the girls looked at me… 
“Fucking immigrants. You all need to go back home.” Said one of the girls. 
I got up to leave and looked at the girls and said,
“I was born here. And who knows… maybe she was too….. more tolerance and kindness …. less judgement will get you far in life.” 
And I walked out shaking. 
Not sure if I said the right thing but I knew I had to say something. 
More tolerance and kindness. 
Less judgments. 
(And I really need to work on the Lithuanian language skills!!) 

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