Tomorrow is the start of a new year and a new decade. It’s that time of year when everyone starts with the new year/new me BS, the resolutions and the promises to change in the new year. The “new year smells like…” Seriously? Who is going to say the new year smells like shit? No one!  And, Honestly, who can “smell” a year?
Why do we see/smell January 1 as the start of changing ourselves? Why do we feel the need to make these grand resolutions?
How many of us have actually kept our resolutions? Let’s ask all those people that flood the gyms in January. I know it rarely happens  that we keep those resolutions because I was one of those people.
New year/New me? Why? I doubt that any of us are so awful that we need to completely overhaul ourselves to create something new.  I am all about self improvement and making the world a better place. So why not do it daily?  Why not just wake up each day and vow to be better, kinder, stronger  and more authentic than you were the day before?
This is why I have a hard time picking a “word of the year” and do not believe in resolutions. I think it is far more beneficial to set an intention for the year.  Wayne Dyer said, “Our intention creates our reality.” How many times have you heard “What you think, you become,” or “Thoughts become reality”? Our thoughts have so much power so why not focus that power in a positive direction?
Once you set an intention, you may find your “word” if that is your jam. You may find deeper focus once you set your intention. That intention may permeate all areas of your life and help you reach your goals.
How the hell do I do set an intention, you ask….well here are some things to ask yourself:
*What matters to you?
*What do you want to build/create/grow in your life?
*What do you want to let go of?
*Who/what do you want to forgive in your life?
*What makes you proud?
*What fears do you want to let go of?
*What are you grateful for?

Once you answer those questions (and the others that come up)…..and BE HONEST with yourself, you will begin to notice a theme.  Look at what starts to resonate with you. It may be the same things that you wanted to work on last year and it may be something different. It doesn’t matter because it is all about you. 
Here are some ideas that I have used in the past:

Open mind and heart

Act with courage
Embrace change
Give and receive love

Move forward
Vision (2020!!)
 I find that once I choose the intention, it really begins to direct my steps. But I take my time in making a choice.  Do you have to choose today? Nope. Tomorrow? Nope. Despite what social media tells us, you can start any time you want. Do NOT feel pressured into starting this tomorrow.  Can’t pick one thing? Who cares!  Choose 2. You do you, sis!  The fact that you want to work on you is the biggest win. 
Once you choose it…..put it where you can see it. Say it daily. Call it out to yourself (and others) when you see it manifest. You will begin to notice it more and more in your life. 
Am I perfect? um,  no. Do I practice this perfectly….Hell, NO!  I fall down. I make mistakes. I allow myself some grace (another intention idea!) and I start again. The idea is to just keep going…keep moving forward. 
So, no pressure. No “new year/new me.” No “resolutions.” Just do you. If an intention feels right, do that. If not….just put one foot in front of the other and move forward each day……or don’t. Just do you! 
(if choosing an intention is your thing, I would love to know what you choose!)

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