Each morning I walk my dog in the neighborhood. Things have changed a lot in the past few months with the Stay at Home Order in place. My walks are longer as I take my time…being outside feels so liberating….more on that later!
Back to today and kindness. While I was walking I stopped to admire some lilies of the valley in a local yard. I stood there for a moment, closed my eyes and inhaled the sweet intoxicating smell. I was startled by a woman’s voice…
“Are you ok?” she hollered sharply from her window.
“I am fine. I was just admiring your flowers.”
“Oh….those? They take over my yard every spring!”
“I love them! They remind me of being a kid. Every house I have ever lived in had them…until now.”
“Honey……do me a favor and pick as many as you want! You’ll save me work later!”
“Really? Thank you so much! You made my whole day better!”
“Eh….just savin’ myself some work but glad I made you happy!”

I picked only a few flowers and finished my walk thinking how something so small is so meaningful to both of us. What she sees as a weed and work, I see as a gift of memories. What I see as picking a few flowers, she sees as the gift of less work. Beauty, and kindness, are all in the eye of the beholder.

Life is short and days can be long for all of us.
Today, be. Be present. Be kind. Be grateful. Just be.


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