Runner and guide tethered together for safety.

“I hate running. It sucks ass…”
That was the text I get from a friend while out on my run today. As I finished reading her text, a runner and his guide passed me on the street moving at a pretty good clip, so much so that I barely got a photo of them. For those who are not aware, guides help impaired (visually, hearing, physically, etc)runners go for runs outside safely.
My friend was out for a run today too (hers much longer distance than mine, but I digress!) So I texted her the photo and wrote that yes, some days running sucks and some days running is good. Every day running makes us cry…sometimes good reasons and sometimes not so great ones. Embrace the suck today. Head up, shoulders back, it will be over soon.
We need to just embrace the suck and power through those runs. We need those sucky runs to appreciate the good ones.
It is the same with life. Not every day is sunshine, roses, unicorns and rainbows. Some days just inhaling and exhaling is a chore. Some days everything goes right and all the pieces fall into place effortlessly. Some days it all falls apart, we may lose critical pieces and Ikea furniture assembly is easier than our life. We have to learn to embrace it all. That DOES NOT mean we have to like it! We can yell and scream and complain…..we can sit in that suck for a bit but then we get up and move forward.
We need those crappy days in life in order to appreciate the good ones. We need the ability reach the high places in order to gain the perspective and know what is possible on the other side of the sucky low place.
I continued my run with open eyes and an open heart. I saw a cardinal (“Cardinals appear when angels are near”) that seemed to follow me for a bit. I saw a father and his young son playing on the baseball diamond. I took a break with my furry running buddy to allow him some “fetch” time on the tennis courts. Sidenote, we should all be as happy as this little pup gets when he is sprinting after his ball. I finished with a run through a sprinkler to cool off(something I usually avoid!).
Not every day is going to be great. Not every day is going to suck. Embrace each day for what it is. Find the small, good things because just like a run, it will eventually end. Eventually the run will be done and the day will end. Head up, shoulders back, embrace the suck. Tomorrow is a new day!

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