Over the years people have tried to break me down. Tried to break my spirit. Tried to change the woman that I am. And there have been times where I have forgotten who that woman is. I have lost myself in it all.
When I get knocked down, I may crack and break a bit. I may even fall apart. However, what those people don’t realize is that I am resilient. When I do get knocked down, I rarely stay down for long. I pull myself together and begin to repair the broken places. Those cracks and breaks allow light to get in, healing to happen and new growth to take place! It is where and how I grow back even stronger! I rise, and when I rise, I rise like the phoenix from the ashes….stronger and more determined than ever before.
Women are resilient. We are more resilient that we often give ourselves credit for. From a young age we are conditioned by archaic gender roles. We are taught to “stay in our lane”, be “pretty”, “proper,” “polite,” “delicate,” and “selfless” among other things. And we have forgotten who we really are and our intrinsic value.
We women need to be reminded of our resilience and strength. Women can change the world and make a difference at all while wearing a pair of heels(or flats/work boots/sandals/flipflops/shit kickers….) and, while women may occasionally lose their balance, they will never be counted out. We women need to reclaim our power. We need to own our voice and our story. We need to demand our seat at the HEAD of the table.
Women that are too difficult need to keep asking the tough questions and demanding straight answers. Women that are “bossy” need to keep leading the way for others. That assertive woman needs to keep pushing the envelope. That difficult woman needs to keep telling the truth loudly and unapologetically.
Women are powerful when we believe in ourselves and each other. We are unstoppable when we channel our energy towards a positive purpose. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that power. We women do better when we support one another, reminding each other of the resilience and strength we carry within. We need to hold up a mirror to each other and say “The bad ass in me sees and honors the bad ass in you!”

1 thought on “Resilience”

  1. I totally agree with this. Be true to oneself and Thou cans’t be then be false to no man. The lesson is, be your authentic self. Believe and act the way you innately know is right.


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