I love my plants. To say that I am a plant mom is an understatement! My kids joke that we live in a jungle! But I love each one of my plans for all sorts of reasons and they are all so very different! Plants play a large part in my life a fact that was made even more apparent this weekend.
I learned of a new plant shop that was opening and decided I needed a little self care moment on Saturday so I took a drive over there to check it out. It was just what a needed and more! I walked in and could feel the release of tension in my body. The display and plants were so gorgeous. A true urban oasis! I really was not going to buy anything and then I saw a lone hanging basket in the back. It was a plant that I didn’t have and it was love at first sight. I thought it was going to be expensive so I asked the first person I saw….turns out that was the owner. We got to chatting and all of a sudden so many of my world’s collided. I can’t count the number of “No Way!’s” that were exclaimed. It was a true ‘God-Incident’ and one that I know is not over yet.
Today on my run I stopped to take a few photos of a rose that caught my eye. As I was actually smelling the rose, a man walked around the corner from the front of the house. I stepped back and apologized ….. he was waiting for me to finish so he could now the sideyard.
“No need to apologize….,” he said. “I have more in the back that are prettier if you want to see those.”
“Really?” Now, I was not getting creeper vibes from this older man…I was getting more of a “I am proud of my roses” vibe. So I turned and said, “I would love to see them…”
Together we walked to the gate of the backyard and he opened it for me. Around the edges of the perfectly manicured yard were all different rose bushes. Each prettier than the next. Then he started telling me about each one…..Every special occasion he bought and planted a rose bush for his wife in the yard. There were so many! I stopped taking pictures and listened as he told me the story of each one. Then he told me that my stopping to take pictures was the highlight of his day.
“Since she passed, I don’t really admire the roses anymore…..I forgot how much I love them and miss her. Thanks….”
“Awww. They are all so pretty and unique…..You are so welcome….”
I said goodbye to Roy (yes, I did eventually ask his name!) and promised to stop and smell the roses each time I run past his place.
Whether it is indoor plants or outdoor gardening, getting my hands dirty and watching something grow is cathartic and healing for me. Plants ground me….no pun intended! Plants, I have realized, are a good metaphor for life. Plants are so diverse just like people. Plants need the basics to survive just like people. Plants can’t take root and grow in an unhealthy environment. Plants may grow regardless of where they are planted, however, plants thrive with attention, care, love and often, a little guidance. Sometimes plants need a little pruning or direction, just like the people in our life. A little direction and plants will always find their way. What we sometimes think of as weeds can also bring beauty…it is all in our perception. We all grow at our own pace, in our own way, eventually blooming, just like plants. The gardens I love are filled with diversity, variety and color.
Plants and flowers allow us to get a little dirty, create connection, foster growth, appreciate beauty, cultivate friendships, ground ourselves and remind us to bloom. Always remember to stop and smell the roses because, no matter what, it is worth it!

2 thoughts on “Plants”

  1. I truly love your emails. Especially this one. I love plants and flowers. I am pretty good at fruit and vegetables gardening, however, houseplants are a struggle for me. Not to mention that the way my house is situated the windows and doors don’t really get much light. My entryway and bathroom have skylights and that is where I have a few plants.
    Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list.

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