Day 18 of 30 
This photo (and TBH all photos of me) is hard for my to look at as I am hyper critical of myself. I usually see the flaws first but it is getting easier for me to see my strengths…. those parts of me I love. 
Over the years, I lost my way…I lost myself. It was a slow process over time.  I did not really even notice that I allowed others to abuse and deplete me.  When I did finally realize what happening, I was a mere shell of myself. 
Right then and there,  I made a promise to myself that I would put this girl back together again better than before. 
Rebuilding is not an easy process nor is it static but it is sooo worth it! 
Never again will I allow anyone to steal my Sparkle!
 I am stronger and more confident than ever!

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