Uncharted territory. I am moving forward into uncharted waters on a rainy, cold, spring day hopeful you all will join me!

During this pandemic, I was given the opportunity to participate in a group coaching class. It was an amazing experience and one that I would not have been able to afford otherwise. I learned a great deal that I hope to share with others as I move forward.

As a part of the class, we were encouraged to set new goals and forced to face many roadblocks that often get in the way of reaching those goals.

My goal? Inspire and empower others, especially women, to live up to their fullest potential.

I am a self proclaimed procrastinator so taking the steps I need in order to reach my goals are often pushed to the back burner. Not this time. I am holding myself accountable, as I do so well with others, to create a space and place of inspiration and empowerment!

We all have obstacles to overcome. We all have stories to share. We may not be in the same boat but we all weather the storms of life. The knowledge that someone else has “been there and done that” may just give someone else the strength to hang on a bit longer.

I am a firm believer in the powers of kindness, optimism, moving forward, and supporting others. It is my hope and prayer that this blog and website, along with my book, help others to find the good, making lemonade from the lemons life often hands us.

So let’s move forward! I am here to help you inner tutulady (or badass, or whatever you want to call it!) and leave a little sparkle where ever you go!