So….today has been a great day and it is not over yet! I ran with the group today…well…It was just my pace leader and me today. We had a great run and chatted as we ran. I realized that she was as big a Hawks fan as me….well…perhaps not as big as me but she knew her hockey! We ran and chatted some more and by the time we were done I was BEAT but we realized that we ran a SUB 3 today! Great for us…ahead of pace! BONUS!

Then I came home, showered and changed, and headed to local Park for a date…..with LORD STANLEY! Yup…that’s right, John McDonough brought the cup home to My little corner of the world! It was so exciting to be that close to the cup…only thing that would have made it better would have been to actually touch it!

So…off to clean and prepare for a party tomorrow……what a day! I am still living Lord Stanley’s Dream…..what a great life!

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