(Not So) Rest Day!

Today is scheduled to be a rest day. Well…that is sort of an oxymoron around here….I rarely have time for rest!

We had scheduled a grad party/Father’s Day party for the family today. I was running around getting everything done for the party…and thank goodness I ran errands early. I was making the salad and cutting veggies when I stabbed my hand (I was looking away telling the kids what chore to do next) and blood was everywhere. There went the salad and I went to the ER. 2.5 hours and 3 stitches later I returned just in time to shower and get ready to welcome guests looking a bit like Michael Jackson…one glove and all! I was blessed to be using a very sharp and specially shaped knife that minimized the damage to my hand! No tendon, ligament, and nerve damage…thank heavens!

After a successful party I am finally sitting down having a drink and starting to feel the pain…hoping the drink helps ease some of that pain!!

Here’s to a ‘not so’ restful rest day!

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