Get to…

This is where I get to run my long runs each week. The scenery changes with the seasons and I love it. This trail is pretty anytime of the year but now it seems magical.

And yes…I did say Get To. I Get To run here. I Get To run most days and that is the mind switch for me. I used to think and say that I Have To do things. I Have To drive my kids. I Have To run. But now instead of Having To do things I have changed to Getting To do them.

Driving my kids is a privledge. Some day they will no longer need me to drive them here and there and I will miss the time in the car. I get to cook for my family. I cook what they love and it is work but someday they won’t be home every night to eat my cooking. I get to go to work each day and teach children. I am blessed to have a job I love. The Have To’s change when we discover we Get To!
So today…in the snow….what do you get to do? I get to make a snow angel! Peace.

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