Cooking with my own Julia

So my 12 year old had to do a report on a famous person that has really made a difference in their field and the world. We had long discussions about who she should choose. Once we got past Justin Beiber and Oprah, she settled on Julia Child.

This lead to some research and some interesting discussions of cooking. One night I pulled up a few YouTube videos of Julia. My daughter and I snuggled up and watched these videos together and thus an idea was born. She would try to make a recipe a week from Julia’s book, Mastering the art of French Cooking. An idea that was made into a movie…but this was about her really mastering cooking.

She has always loved cooking a food. she was my adventurous eater from birth. She has a broad palate and loves many different foods. A few years ago she fell in love with Paula Deen and her cooking. She went to see Paula cook live and I think that was a defining moment fer her.  Her love of cooking increased.

She gets gifts of gadgets all the time from family that know she loves to cook. She has moved from solely baking to cooking foods that take real time and effort to prepare.

The video above is one that we watched together and she prepared the dish Sunday night for family dinner. the kitchen was a mess but the food was so good. Seeing her face as we all enjoyed her cooking was truly magical!

So now…I live a real life Julie and Julia as she beings to cook her way through the cookbook and blog about it as she goes….Her blog is private for now so if you would like to be added to the reader list, please just email me.

So…what are you all cooking for dinner tonight?! I am not sure what my French Chef has in mind! Peace.

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