Hardcore Running

Polar dash….what a race! There was supposed to be a large group of us girls running this race but as it was postponed, some of our crowd could not run with us. We missed them but were determined to have a good time. 

It was 17 degrees at the start! The waiting was the worst because we got cold but once the race started it was better. The first 2 or more miles were VERY difficult. The sidewalks were narrow and covered with slush. This was super hard to run in….very similar to running in loose sand. I felt like at any minute my foot was going to lose traction and I would fall. Miles 3-5 were into the wind along the lake. It was so pretty as it was snowing the whole time. The last mile was around the front of the Shedd  to the finish line. I stopped and took photos and was even stopped by a girl and thanked….I got her to the finish line of a half marathon in November. Still don’t know her name but she remembered me!
This race was my slowest 10K time to date but I think I did well for the conditions. Shoveling 2 times for a total of 4 hours the night before might have played a role too!  I did not want to injure myself during this race so I took it easy and enjoyed it all! I have a much more important race coming up in 14 days so the object was to have fun, stay healthy and finish. I did all three! Peace.

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