Leaving home for my trip was exciting. The kids were a bit apprehensive and so was I but we were all a bit excited for our adventures.

The flight to LA left an hour late but arrived only 15 minutes late. It was a good flight…long,  but good. I deplaned and headed to baggage. As I exited the secure area, I saw A through the glass and took off running! The first hug was long and tight. I missed her so very much. We got my luggage and headed out….let the adventure begin!
We arrived at her house and upon opening the door I am hit with the smell of the giant eucalyptus tree in her front yard. Heaven! We dropped my things off at her house and then we headed to the beach for lunch. Lunch was the best cerviche I have ever eaten overlooking the ocean. After lunch it was time to tour the area. We drove through LA, and UCLA then headed to Hollywood and into Beverly Hills.

Hollywood was an adventure. We saw the Walk of Fame and watched folks prep for a movie premiere, Journey 2. The characters on the street were interesting to say the least!
Driving into Beverly Hills was a trip. I thought I had entered an alternative universe. It was so odd to see a place I thought only existed in magazines and movies. Big homes, fancy cars, celebrities….I knew I did not belong here.
We drove to Santa Monica for another yummy meal…Mexican this time…joined by A’s husband. He is such a wonderful man. Finally it was time to head home for bed. What a perfect (and exhausting!) first day! Peace.

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