After a Full day of adventures, there was more to come. A quick trip back to the house, a change of clothes and it was time for more friends to arrive. A and I got back in the car and headed to the airport. L was coming from Florida. She was our first pick up. A few more trips around the airport and there was J and Mr.J from Ohio. Back to the house for a spectacular feast prepared by Mr.A with lots of wine, laughs and a feeling that I never wanted it to end. The following morning we got up and ready for a full day. We ate some breakfast and packed up for race day. The hour plus drive was caravan style down to Huntington Beach. We arrived beachfront at the expo….yes, the expo was on the beach! California living is …. Sweet! We met up with another friend and her adorable daughter. This made me miss my kids…for a minute! We walked expo purchasing things here and there just enjoying the experience. We decided to head towards the downtown pier area for lunch. Lunch was on the beach and was wonderful. Friends, food, and fabulous weather….who could ask for more? I took a few minutes just to soak in the sun and moment. A bit more shopping and lots of photos later and it was time to head to the hotel. Dinner and then bed! Tomorrow would be an early one! Peace.

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