Race day

 The day dawned early. My body clock never reset to California time so I was always early. L and I were up and ready ith time to spare. We headed down to the lobby and ate a little something, drinking coffee and hoping for the best. A prescheduled shuttle was to take us to the start so we boarded our bus ready for the race! The bus took us righ to the start where we found the porta johns for one last time. Soon it was time to line up for the race. L was up front as she is a speed demon. I took the middle corral and the 2 couples brought up the rear. The gun sounded and we were off. What an amazing day! Beautiful morning and perfect temps! We ran a long the beach for the first few miles then headedi inland. As we traveled uphill and through the neighborhoods. The crowds were wonderful….cheering all the runners. I passed L going back towards the ocean. We would pass each other a few more times during the course of the race and it was so good to know I was not alone out there. Heading back towards the water was pleasant and pretty. We headed south along the ocean and the view was phenomenal. Beauty in every direction. It was then I realized that it was getting warm. We rounded a turn at mile 8 and headed back towards the finish. I was getting so warm and the sun was still rising. I was taking water at every stop but it still didn’t seem enough. It was at this time I realized I was having a(TMI ALERT) female issue. There was nothing I could do other than finish and take care of it then. Good thing I was wearing black shorts! I could soon see the finish line. It was beautiful! I crossed then with my head up…so exhausted.
I didnt PR but my time was average for me…nothing to sneeze at to be sure. I found a bathroom first then the beer tent! Oh beer…she says in her best Homer Simpson voice. L was waiting for me along with another find of ours and they were a beer ahead of me! I caught up quick and soon it was time to find the others and head back to the hotel. We got back on the bus which carried these weary, smelly, salty souls back to the hotel. A shower and some flips flops were on my mind. We walked from the bus into the hotel and into the most wonderful reception ever! The hotel staff was lining the lobby applauding us and handing out more water. What a treat! I felt like royalty! Showered, clean and packed we loaded up the cars to head back to LA. A long stop at Trader Joes for treats was a nice detour. The 4 ladies prepped some snacks and the guys set up the tv on the DECK! Yes, true LA living…watching tv outside under the stars. We had a meal of heavy appetizers was perfect while watching the Super Bowl. Many glasses of wine, A visit from a Jewish grandmother, and laughing until my stomache hurt was the perfect end to the best trip of my my life. This trip was so much more than just a destination race. It proved to me that I can and. I am more than a label…mom. I love tht label and I missed my Kids so much but I realized so much. Most importantly I realized that I need to get away to remember who I am. I need to get away to miss my life. I need to get away to find myself.. Peace.

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