Choices and mistakes.

We all make them….choices. Sometimes the result is good and sometimes not so much. Sometimes our choices lead to a mistake. We all make mistakes on occasion. It is inevitable. Mistakes are an important part of life. Wouldn’t it be nice if life had a delete button? Backspace button? Unfortunately this is not the case. Mistakes are an important part of process of learning and growth.
Do we choose to apologize for the mistake from the heart and learn from it? Or do we apologize because we know we should, still feeling like we are not wrong? Do we apologize and move forward? Do we apologize and remain self righteous or angry?
When we are the victim do we accept the apology? Do we ignore the guilty party, not allowing an apology? Do we forgive and move on? Do we forgive and remain resentful and angry?
I have been on both sides of the fence as the offender and victim. Neither place is easy. You can only do what you feel is right and hope for the best. We as humans need to have empathy for the other person involved and see past our anger, disappointment, embarrassment, and resentment.
Everyone makes mistakes, it is what we do after the mistake has been made that matters. How will you handle the next situation in which you are wronged? How will you handle your next mistake? Will you choose to learn and to grow……

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