Sole Sisters

Running has given me many gifts …..the greatest of which are my sole sisters. I have 2 groups of running sisters that I adore. One group started off as ‘imaginary’ friends (as my husband calls them) from an Internet group. The other women are from my local running group. I run with my “in real life” group once a week or more. I was hesitant to write this post as I do not want to offend, upset or leave anyone out. I also want to be able to give these women the honor and proper credit they deserve. I could write a full post about each of them but will limit myself. They are all so very special to me and I love them so very much.
All of these women are unique. They all make me want to be a better runner, mother, friend and human being. Allow me to introduce these fabulous ladies. They are a unique group…
Bella’sMom- Wow! This chick is a force to me reckoned with is so many ways. She is a great single mom to a stunning daughter. She is super fast and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. She is the greatest roomie a girl could ask for. I am in awe of her ability to know what she wants and not take shit from anyone.
Freckle’sMom – She is my running momma. She spoils me rotten and teaches me about faith and culture. She allows me the freedom to be myself. Our bond was fast and deep. She Is such a wonderful model of a mother and I long to be like her. The gifts she gives me are priceless.
CopMom- She is the Thelma to my Louise. She is a cop but is often surprised by her own strength and self confidence. She is a single mom to two fantastic little boys who will grow into wonderful men with her guidance It is a joy to watch her reaction to her own accomplishments. She is stronger than she knows.
BoysMom – She is Super mom. She is a wonderful wife and mother who raises a house full of boys in a seemingly effortless fashion. She fits her workouts into her busy schedule and has a husband whose knowledge of reality tv is astounding. She also provides some of the best popcorn to all lucky enough to call her friend.
Olive’sMom- the “heart” of us all. She brought many of us together a long time ago and it is no surprise that she volunteers for the Red Cross organizing blood drives. Her sense of adventure is outweighed only by her sense of humor. She is a rockstar mom to two successful young women. I want to be like her when I grow up!
BigBoysMom – another mom of all boys but hers are tweens and teens. She is the quiet, thoughtful one. Her faith is deep, as is her competitive spirit Her family is her pride and joy. I long to be fast and fit like her!
Duke’sMom- she is my pace group leader and coach. She taught me to run with the group and how to see the upside of every run. We have developed a rather “push me/pull me” relationship when we run. One of us pushing and the other is pulling. I have watched her relationship with her man grow and develop into something beautiful and wonderful. She is a constant source of inspiration and is now a member of my family.
Payton’sMom – she is my pride and joy. Watching her set and accomplish her running goals brings a fullness to my heart like no other. She started out with a goal, accomplished it, set another, accomplished it …. Like the energizer bunny she just keeps going and going. This year I will watch her train for and run her first marathon. I can’t wait to see her cross the finish line.
BanditGirl- she joined us last year to train for the marathon. It was fun to watch her constantly surprise herself with her accomplishments. I think one of the best moments was watching her finish her first 20 miler. She was so jubilant and joyful! She is now an addict and will be running another marathon in a week or so! Knowing that she is a grad of the same high school my daughters attend ….. Well I know my girls will go on to great things…. Just like her!
Each one has a special place in my heart and soul. They are more than friends…they are my Sole Sisters. Peace.

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