Holidays, birthdays, celebrations. Just days on a calendar. People get so hung up on a square on the calendar ….why is that? For me every day is a holiday. I know that sounds Pollyanna of me but it is true. I celebrate things like waking up with healthy children and a husband who has arrived home from work safely everyday.

I know folks that can’t celebrate a birthday or holiday unless it is the correct date. Not one second early or late. It seems a bit shortsighted to me. What if something bad happens, god forbid? What if someone gets hurt or sick? When do we celebrate? I can celebrate a birthday any day and a holiday whenever the mood strikes.

Mothers day was what got me to thinking about this. Really why do we need a special day set aside for gift giving and expensive meals at restaurants?

I mean I understand but for many moms I know (myself included) Mother’s Day is every day. We celebrate the small victories of motherhood. An empty laundry bin(knowing that there must be more hiding under beds). We celebrate a smile from a teenager(as elusive as a sighting of the Yeti) We celebrate dry pants and sheets (which means a kid made it through the night without peeing the bed). We celebrate sleep (rejoicing over stringing 6 hours uninterrupted hours of shut eye). We celebrate quiet (which means the kids are not fighting and are up to no good or sleeping).

The cards and flowers are great, as are the World’s Greatest Mom mugs and handmade achool projects. But what we really want is a day with a battle. A day without a tantrum. A day where chore get done in a timely manner without an attitude nor nagging from mom. A day where every one is happy with the meals served. A day where everyone gets along.

As moms, we have learned to celebrate the small stuff, the big stuff and all the stuff in between each and every day. For moms every day is truly Mother’s Day. peace.

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