Just when you think you know your kids, they do something that surprises you. This morning I got a text from 16 asking if she could cut her hair off from Locks of Love. This meant that 8 inches of hair would leave her head. Her hair is her pride and joy. I thought she was kidding. She was not.

Later in the day I got another text …”it’s done. I have no hair”. I thought she had really cut off all of her hair. when I shared this with her siblings their reaction was amazing as well. They were beaming with pride that their sister had done something so bold.

Her father was not so thrilled …. In fact he was very upset. I know he is “old school” about his girls and their hair but this was not about “just another hair cut”. This was about my daughter doing something bigger than herself…something selfless. Mom understood and would deal with Dad…..

I arrived at school to pick her up And her hair was not as short as I thought. We headed to the salon for a professional to fix it all and make it look nice. A small price to pay.

A dear friend called this a ‘mitzvah’. From what I understand this means that 16 is morally and ethically accountable ….mature.

At the least expected time my kids surprise me in many wonderful ways making me so very proud to be their mom. I am so blessed….and proud. Peace.

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