Decisions come in all shapes and sizes. As simple as coffee or tea to complicated decisions about a job, marriage, or a child. Some decisions are effortless and do not require second guessing. Some decisions cause us to lose sleep and become regretful.

Why cant we trust ourselves and our choices? Why can’t we make a decision and live with it without remorse or regret? Why is every decision fought with anguish? I know many people who can make choices and never look back. no regret. No remorse. Just moving forward comfortable with the decision they have made.

I wish I could be that person. I wish I didn’t look back. I wish I could just move forward. These things take time. I wonder for days and weeks (sometimes years) if I have done the right thing. I wonder how things would have been different had a made different choices. It is difficult for me to trust myself. I constantly second guess myself as I worry about pleasing everyone. I make decisions for others all day every day. Why is it so difficult for me to do this for myself? Peace.

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