I am never really alone. I can go places and be by myself but I am rarely alone. There are always people around.

Today I went for a run alone. Really and truly alone.

I got up and dressed early and prepared for another warm morning run. As I walked outside our cabin I was struck by a strange feeling. I was cold! Really cold. I shivered and thought I had better get moving to warm up. I took off out of the camp and headed out to the main road. I wanted to run about 3 miles. Just enough to stretch out and feel like I did something!

I was wearing my headphone…yes, just one. I always only wear one so that I can hear things around me as I run. But as I continued on, I took even the one earbud out and listened to the sounds of the world around me.

As I ran, I realized that I was alone. All alone. Even when I run alone at home I am never alone…there are people passing and I run in pretty residential areas. Today I was alone. Just me and my thoughts. My only companions were the 2 deer that crossed the street and the eagle overhead. Yes, a bald eagle. Up here in the Northwoods there are eagles. I counted the cars that passed me…4 … and one truck. The truck was a logging truck and I was glad not to have my headphones on as I could hear it coming. I stepped off the shoulder as it passed and could smell the intoxicating strong scent of Christmas. A logging truck full of pine had just flown past me.

I looked at my GPS and realized that it was time to turn back. I wanted to go further but my sense of security told me that I should stay close. So I headed back to camp with the sound of the rustling of the breeze in the trees and my breathing keeping me on pace.

As I reached our cabin I was greeted with people again…the camp was beginning to wake up and I could smell coffee and bacon. The time alone this morning coupled with the cooler temps were good for my run as I was faster than I have been in a long time. This run was about nothing but a run. 5 miles of time alone to think, reflect and just be. I may not have found any people on my run but I did find something…my running mojo. Peace.

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