Just wait til it cools off!
Then people are gonna eat my dust!

Today I ran 6 of the suckiest, hottest, sweatiest miles of the summer and perhaps of my running life. I went out thinking it was the right day to long a longer run as it was going to be the coolest day of the week. I got dressed and ready while I waited for the storms to pass. As soon as the rain let up I headed out. I was sure to take water with me even though it was cool.

It was hard to find my ‘happy pace’. I struggled with each step and after mile one was ready to turn back. I walked for a bit and decided to try another mile. I picked up my feet and started to run again but each step felt like I was getting stuck in quicksand. It was difficult to keep moving forward but I live by the motto Forward is a Pace…so as long as I was moving forward it was all good.  But it was not good. I suffered through the 2nd mile and then slowed to glacial pace. I walked for a bit again and decided to try another mile. Each step was painful. My legs rebelled worse than a temper tantrum throwing toddler.  My muscles ached. I kept telling myself I was just sore after the Half and things would get better…my legs would loosen up. I could calm that toddler with a little slower pace and sweet talk. Mile 3 and 4 were brutal. i was hot and miserable. I was tired of crappy runs and the heat. I was angry at the weather and humidity.  Sweat poured from places I didn’t know I could sweat. I decided to turn back and head for home. I walked for a bit and then I started to cry. Mile 5 was all about water…tears, sweat, thirst… I started to cry because it was such a bad run and I was so frustrated with my body and myself. Then the tears really began to flow as I felt stupid for feeling sorry for myself. I was out here and had just run over 5 miles. There are people who struggle to walk 5 miles. There are people who can’t walk. There are people who would trade places  with me and my sucky run in a heartbeat. The tears of pity turned to tears of anger. How could I be so silly and selfish? I was so angry at myself for allowing me to travel down self pity street that I did not realize that I was almost home. I had run the 6 miles. I finished. I did not quit.

I always ask runners what they learned from a run…good or bad. What was the lesson in the run today? So when I got home I started to ask myself that question. What was the lesson in the run today?

Today’s lesson was about mind over matter and perseverance. Today’s lesson was about the heat. Today was about learning how my body rebels against the heat and how I deal with that rebellion. I do not give in. I am not a quitter. I AM a rock star. I am a cheetah in waiting…waiting for the weather to cool off so I can unleash my anger and reap the benefits of every sucky, crappy, difficult mile run in this heat. I am not getting slower. I am getting stronger and tougher…mentally and physically. I am not slow. I am not a turtle. I am a cheetah in waiting….

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