Yesterday’s run was bad and it took me a while to recover mentally and physically from those 6 miles so I threw myself into chores like installing a new air conditioner.

While sitting with at dinner, I got an email with race photos from the weekend. I took one long look at the photos and realized I was smiling in every one. I was so hot but so happy. That is when it all hit me. The reasons I run.

People ask me all the time why I run. Why I like running because it is so hard/hot/cold/challenging … or whatever. I usually laugh and say I like it because it gets me out of the house and allows me to eat. But I realized last night that it is is much more.

I run for fun. I love the feeling of being silly when I run and making others laugh and  smile.  I run to inspire others. I may not be fast but I am still out there covering the distance and if even one person thinks that they can do something more because of me… That is a victory. I run to spread tutu spirit. I wish to embody the spirit of every Girl of the Run and share that spirit with all that I meet. I run not for the time on a clock any longer. Time I relative. When I started running I never thought I would be fast. . The dream of Kenyan like speed is gone along with my youth. I’m all good with that. As I get older I’m getting slower but fitter. I run now not for a PR on the clock but a PR in my heart and soul. I want ask myself did I give the race/run my best? Did I have fun with it? If not, then why. What can I do to make it better next time?

I woke up this morning with  new resolve to make it a better day. I planned a new route then laced up my shoes determined to relax and enjoy the run.  To have fun with the run. No Garmin. Just me, tunes and a water bottle.

The first mile was not easy…I’m not gonna lie. It was tough to get my head and my body in sync with each other. But soon I was smiling at my neighbors as I ran through sprinklers. I was singing to myself and dancing a bit as I ran. I probably looked like a bit of a lunatic but if I made people smile…it’s all good.  I rounded a corner and realized I was so into my run that I had made a wrong turn thus was a little lost. I know my ‘hood so I eventually found my way back home but in the process my 4 mile run had become a 6 mile run. Yup. I was in the process of a redemption run and didn’t know it!  As I ran up my block the City workman were opening the hydrant. I ran through that water like a little kid as they all laughed. It was the perfect ending to my run! 

We all have bad runs and good runs. We need both. We need the good runs to keep us running. We need the bad runs to help us appreciate the good runs. It is all about balance, redemption and a whole lot of fun! Peace.

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