Being GOTR SoleMate means I have the honor and privledge of spreading Tutu Spirit along with spreading the message of GOTR. What is Tutu Spirit? Tutu Spirit is the embodiment of the spirit of every girl on the run…past, present and future. It is all of thier positive energy, joy, silliness, struggles, faith, confidence, fortitude, power, strength, and all the other wonderful, unique qualites that make up each girl.

Being a Solemate allows me to set an example for my own children, my GOTR and the children I teach. I hope that through my example they learn goal setting, balance, perseverance and healthy living.

Being a SoleMate also allows me to spread the word about GOTR to more people as well as fundraise so that more girls can join GOTR and reap the benefits of this wonderful program.

Being a SoleMate has allowed me to learn and to grow just as the girls in program learn and grow. Being a Solemate has made me a better person, a better mom, a better wife, a better teacher, and a much better coach. Being a SoleMate and sharing Tutu Spirit has changed my life for GOOD! Peace.

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