Today I decided to go for a quick easy 3 mile run and since the weather was cool, I invited my favorite furry running buddy, Wrigley. She was thrilled at the prospect of a run through new scents and sights especially since it has been too hot for her to run with me lately. We headed out on my favorite route here in Hill Country. It is 1.5 miles of heavy duty hills out to Lake Shore Drive which is a long gentle rolling road along the lake. It is a busy thoroughfare of bikers and runners every morning. Motorists are aware and usually swerve to the other lane giving the folks on 2 wheels or 2 feet room.

As my pooch and I ran up a slow grade going the correct direction (running towards oncoming traffic) I saw a large SUV approaching. A black Lexus I think. I could see the driver was on the phone and was not sure he saw me and my dog. I moved further onto the shoulder of the road as he approached. I thought at this point he would swerve over and avoid me….nope! His side view mirror caught my right shoulder and I heard it thunk. I lost my balance and twisted my ankle, falling right on my dog. She let out a loud, painful yelp. I skinned my knees and palms. I sat up and checked on the dog thinking the driver would slow, stop or come back. None of the above happened and I was too slow in my reaction to get the plate number. (this fact would upset my husband greatly when I told him later).

I stood up and looked around. No one was around. No one had seen what happened. My dog looked at me with her big brown eyes as if to ask, “did I do ok, mom?”. I gave her a good rub and we walked slowly about 500 yards to a house I know that has a drinking fountain out front. (thanks Hal and Rose!) I gave the pup some water and washed up my knees and hands with a Paper towel I found in the pocket of my shorts. I kept looking back thinking that this guy would come back. Soon I realized that he was not coming back…he didn’t care. I decided to try to run on my ankle a bit more but slowly. It was hurting but I wanted to continue because I was PISSED!

With a trickle of blood running from my skinned knee, Wrigley and I continued up the road for a bit. We soon turned around and headed back towards our beach steps. I took the steps down and took off my shoes and socks. The puppy started doing her happy dance. She knew it was beach time! We both ran full out towards the water and headed up the beach. As we ran, she tried to catch and bite the water. It is a favorite game of hers and I love to watch her play. So off we went for another mile and a half up the beach. My ankle was starting to hurt a bit more and my shoulder was sore so we turned And headed back. We walked up the beach and I collected my shoes and socks. I was too tired and lazy to put them back on. So we walked the few blocks home together, her all wet and sandy…me bruised, skinned and angry.

My savior!

I have to admit that continuing my run afterwards was good for my mind. I released a bit of my anger and felt better seeing my savior so happy to play in the water. But in the time since I finished my anger grows again. Why do people think that a phone call/text/email is more important than a human life? How does a person hurt another and carelessly disregard the action? Even if the driver had hit someTHING rather than someONE why didn’t he stop?

So I am grateful that I returned home with a healthy happy puppy, a bruised ankle, some skinned knees and palms and, most importantly, my life. All will heal and we will run another day. However, the karma that follows that driver ….that is another story.

9 thoughts on “Lucky”

  1. holy crap!!!!! so glad to hear that you are ok, albeit shaken. wow. maybe if you hang out in your friend's driveway tomorrow, around the same time, that jackwagon might drive by, and THEN you could get his plate #. or just throw eggs at the car. no, wait. just get the plate number….


  2. WoW! I am so glad you are OK! I desperately want to run along the road and we have one river path (but there are tons of snakes!), but I always do the treadmill. This is one of the reasons why- I am so afraid of being hit by careless drivers! He had to have heard it hit you! I agree with Gene- hopefully he travels that road daily and you can get his plate number!


  3. You are a very lucky woman. I knew a woman who was out walking with her dog and was hit by the extended mirror of a passing pickup. It shattered her arm, she passed out and her german shepherd wouldn't let the EMTs near her. It took awhile for officers to get control of the dog in order to help her. The driver never stopped. Never assume a driver sees you or cares even if they do. Sad. Hope you heal soon.


  4. I'm glad your OK and I hope the ankle heals soon. I use to think drivers just didn't pay much attention to runners in my neighborhood, and then I saw a Jeep almost T-Bone a bus this morning, so I guess anything smaller than a bus must be difficult for some people to see…


  5. so sad that people are so unaware of others!! Just sickens me because I too just ran a 3 miler in the nice weather with my dog this am. Started thinking what I would do if that happened! I run through a park in Noblesville IN. People are supposed to drive 20mph but always fly through there. Lots of kids and dogs out playing! Makes me think I should be more careful! Thanks for sharing that info!


  6. Oh my gosh, I am so glad you are OK!!! This makes me so angry. I'm Gene's friend, @pameloth on twitter. My husband was hit head on while bicycling by a driver (actually, he's been hit twice). He broke his back, pelvis, etc, could have died. I posted a link to your blog on our Attentive Driving Initiative page on Facebook called \”I won't be that Sunday driver\”. I hope that is ok.


  7. So glad that you were running towards the car and were able to get yourself mostly out of the way. Imagine if you had not done what you did to avoid this. Ugh. Sadly I know from things I have done while driving that I could have been that person (in the past). My own personal experiences (see Pamela's comment above, I am her husband) have really raised my awareness, and I don't want to be the one whose text or phone call cost someone else their life or health.Drive safe! Run safe! Ride safe!


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