This week I attended a retreat with the staff from my school. It was just for a few hours but it was enough time for me to step back and really think about things. During the retreat we were asked to pick a random stone from a basket. Each stone had a word on it and we were to think and pray on our word for a while. My word was sisters. At first I was a little frustrated. What did this mean? I have no sister.

As I started to meditate on the word, it’s multiple meanings in my life began to come forward. I am a mother of daughters who do not always get along. I know they love each other but I struggle greatly with how they treat each other and speak to one another. I wish they were kinder to one another and to their brother. I prayed for wisdom and grace as well as understanding, in dealing with my girls and their many struggles and battles.

I thought about the fact that I never had a sister. Throughout my life I have I longed for the special bond with another female. I have never had a large group of female friends just a few very close friends that I consider my sisters. If I had to pick my sisters, I would pick these women. I thank God for sending these women into my life to be my “special sisters”. I prayed for time to spend deepening my relationships with these women.

I have attended many years of Catholic school but my most formative years in my faith life have to have been my 4 years at St. Mary of the Woods College. the campus is on the grounds of the mother house for the Sisters of Provedence. Many of my professors were nuns. The president on the school used to come and watch tv with us at night in the dorm…hanging with Sr. Barbara is a fond memory. I am a better, stronger, more faith filled, life long learning woman thanks to the Sisters. I prayed for continuing gratitude for my faith due to these women.

After this quiet time we attended Mass. During the Mass, were asked to offer our stone and all of its prayers during the offertory. It was a very moving part of the service as many people had become so attached to the stones and the prayers they represented.

At the end of Mass we were again asked to take a random stone from the basket. Many of us had chosen different stones and that held great meaning for me.

I was shocked when I turned over my random stone and had chosen “Peace”. It is my favorite word and something I am constantly striving for …. And what I felt as I left that retreat. The Lord works in many ways and sends us messages in various forms. We just need a little time to listen. Take time to listen.


If you would like your own stone


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