It’s is that time again…time to say goodbye to summer and head back to school. I love summer. I really do. I like the unscheduled time to relax and play. I love the time to watch my children explore and develop as human beings. The time spent with my husband and kids during those long summer days is something I cherish.

I don’t like the searing morning temps and blood boiling humidity for my training runs but I keep reminding myself that it is in these runs, I am getting stronger. I don’t like running the AC 24/7 not because I don’t like being cool but because I know the bill is coming soon enough! I don’t like the endless loads of laundry washing beach towels and constant making of pb&js but I do love that my pool is full of kids and friends.

I enjoy the ease of my summer wardrobe…running gear or my bathing suit. Hair care is just as easy ..throw it in a pony tail. No makeup other then sunscreen…

But now it is time to say good bye to all that makes summer good. Now it is time to return to the routines, homework and activities. Now as the kids go back to school, I go back to work. But I do so reluctantly. I adore my job, I just love the freedom of summer. My vocation is being a teacher…it is my calling and I never forget that is a privilege.

I feel like the wild bronco, the wild horse, of the West. These horses are caught and ranchers try to tame them. Each day the ranchers bring them into the paddock and try to saddle them. Once the horse can be saddled, the time wearing the saddle is lengthened. The horses buck and fight the saddle. They wage war against being tamed and domesticated. After long battles over many days and weeks the horses give in and enjoy the saddle and rider as much as they can. Making the rancher and rider happy becomes enough. I am that bronco. I will get dressed tomorrow for school but I won’t like it. It is only a 2 hour day and I have a change a clothes packed so I can change as soon as school is out. The following day is a 3.5 hour day. Again I will get dressed and do my hair but I won’t like it. I will pack my change of clothes and happily throw my hair in a pony tail at the end of the school day. The 3rd day is a Friday and a full day. I won’t like it at all but I will wear that saddle for a longer time.

With each day, I will give in a little more and get back into the routine of it all. It is good that I recognize this as I have to remember my own children, as well as the children I teach, are feeling the same way. They are bucking and fighting like me…but soon we will all happily be on a trail ride together.


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