A friend told me today that one of the reasons he loves me as his friend is that small things give me such joy. It is true. Small things do give me so much joy. Simple things. Easy things. I used to be all about the grand gesture. I would set my expectations so high and often be so very disappointed. Over time I have learned that the little things bring so much more joy to my life. The every day things. The mundane things.

My friend, Molly, has these red cowboy boots. They are so fitting of her personality. They embody her spirit. Molly is the founder and vision keeper of Girls on the Run. This program has given me so much and changed my life so when I saw Molly’s boots I wanted to share in that spirit. I searched and searched for my own ‘personality’. I soon found it in the form of hot pink cowboy boots so I ordered them…hoping they would be as cool when they arrived as they seemed online.

Boy was I in for a shock. The boots came today and from the moment I opened the box, I was giddy! I saw them there in their plastic wrap waiting for me and a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon came across my face. I carefully unwrapped each boot and put them on my feet. They fit perfectly. I felt like Cinderella. I slowly stood up and looked down at my boots. A feeling of overwhelming joy washed over me and I began to dance. I sachaed across the floor and just could not take my eyes off the boots. Such a simple, inexpensive thing was making me feel like I was on top of the world. I walked about showing my coworkers my boots just beaming. Call me crazy but I was in love with the boots and the feeling of joy they had given me. Even as I write this I smile. A Christmas morning smile. A smile that comes from a place deep inside.

And when I thought the day could not get better, I got home and found my new running shoes had been delivered. I was tenuous as they are a new model of my favorites but I laced them up and headed off to run. My son had cross country practice so I dropped him off and began my run. One step at a time I realized that these new shoes were so comfy and my feet welcomed them like a old friend. As I listened to my music, I watched the kids run their laps as I ran mine, inspired by their sheer joy of running. 4.5 miles later I was done and so was my son. As we got in the car, he turned to me and asked, “How was your run, mom?” “Good, buddy,” I replied. “Mom, I love when you are so happy. What’s for dinner?” A simple conversation about what is important. Happiness and dinner.

At the end of the day, my 16 year old came into my room and shared with me the sweet way a boy asked her out tonight. In her eyes I see the same joy I was feeling. The giddiness of a small child. The feeling that a simple small thing can make your heart so full it feels ready to burst. The feeling that your smile comes from a place so deep it won’t go away anytime soon.

So as I ready myself for bed, I see the boots across the room waiting to be worn again tomorrow. A simple, easy thing that brings so much joy….giddiness really ….to my soul.


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